We are each on a journey, not of our choosing. We did not choose to be born. We did not choose our parents, nationality, time period, nor the web of events into which we would be born. Yet these events largely determine many aspects of our lives, our successes and our failures - whether we will be praised or damned. Below are a few surviving photos that may offer insight into my journey.

Oliver K. Manuel
April 20, 2005

  • 1936: The web of unrelated events that guided Manuel to study the Sun.
  • 1937: The Manuel family in early 1937.
  • 1940: Reverend Viola Marie Womack.
  • 1941: The Manuel family in the summer of 1941.
  • 1942: A new addition to a nomadic family.
  • 1943: Education begins.
  • 1962: Training in modern mass-spectrometry.
  • 1964: Traveling to the 1964 AGU Meeting
  • 1976: The 1976 Gregynog Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies Gregynog, Wales.
  • 1980: Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry, Moscow
  • 1999: ACS Symposium on the Origin of Elements in the Solar System
  • 2004: Nuclei in the Cosmos, Vancouver, BC, Canada