Meteorites Trapped “ Normal ” Xenon (Xe-1) and “Strange” Xenon (Xe-2) with Excess 136 Xe and 124 Xe from a Supernova

Meteorites contain a mix of “strange” xenon (Xe-2), enriched in Xe-136 from the r-process and in Xe-124 from the p-process, and “normal” xenon (Xe-1) [Hennecke, Sabu & Manuel, Nature 240 (1972) 99-101]. Mass fractionation (dashed line) of “normal” xenon (Xe-1) relates SOLAR xenon with that in the Earth (AIR). Bulk xenon in average carbonaceous chondrites ( AVCC ) is shifted away from this line by the presence of a significant amount of “strange” xenon (Xe-2).